The Edges of the World

Patagonia, Timbuktu, Bhutan & Co

288 pages, hardcover
Malik im Piper Verlag, Munich 2008

German title: Die Ränder der Welt.
Patagonien, Timbuktu, Bhutan & Co.
(not yet published in English language)

In this selection of his best literary travel writing, The Edges of the World, Michael Obert draws the readers attention to lost spots, places, that havent been focussed by tourists so far, forgotten paradises as well as dangerous war zones.

He has a talent for navigating unusual locations and brings to them a deft analysis, a critical instinct equaled by the compassion he shows for his subjects. He travels to Africa, following the footsteps of the famous Scottish explorer Mungo Park. He writes about young women in love in Shiraz. At the bird market in Kabul he has a bizarre encounter with the most wanted person in the world, Osama Bin Laden.

With his great background, his sharp eye, and his very narrative and heart-felt voice, Michael Obert draws his readers directly to the remote villages of Bhutan, to daily rituals along river Niger, or along a very special road trip to nowhere in Tadshikistan.

“Whether you are talking about Chatwin, Theroux or Krakauer—Michael Obert has earned a place among the greatest names in his field with his new book. He is a gentle adventurer, a brave traveler, and most importantly, a skilled, passionate, and great storyteller.”
(Frankfurter Rundschau)


“One of our most fascinating travel journalists.”
(Hamburger Morgenpost)

“It’s not just his constant traveling that captivates us, it’s his experience of the world.”
(Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger)

“Michael Obert has become—much to the envy of our editorial staff—an expert in extreme destinations.”
(GEO Saison)

“With the honed eye of the traveler and the power and poetry of his language, Michael Obert reveals the world to us in a way that is unique for the genre.”

“He doesn’t bother with mainstream destinations… Michael Obert is one of the most talented travel journalists writing in German.”
(Sonntagszeitung Zürich)

“Some people evidently have several talents. The author Michael Obert is one of them. His abilities as a photographer are a perfect match for his literary skills—an extremely rare combination.”
(Das Magazin, Zürich)